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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

apple auhinna võitja(Apple Award Winner) 2015

from:Apple Inc <>

Dear Apple Beneficiary
As part of our New year Reward program i have been mandated by the Apple
Board of directors to inform you that you have been chosen as one of the three
lucky beneficiary in this Apple New year Reward. You have been rewarded with the 
latest iphone 6 and a cheque worth 500,000 US Dollars . 

This year was designed to show appreciation to our customers all over the
world. To receive your package, you are hereby required to contact the 
Director of Program whose details are given below :

Name: Dr David Smith,
Email: OR

(1):Your Full Name:................
(2):Your Telephone Number:.........
(3):Your Contact Address:..........

Kind Regards.
Mrs Sandra Haseeb
Apple Inc's

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ESTONIA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Kallis Apple saaja
Osana meie Uus aasta Reward programm mul on volitatud poolt Apple juhatus
direktorite teavitama sa, et sa olema olnud valitud kui üks kolmest õnnelik 
saaja selles Apple auhind. Sind on premeerida 
viimased iphone 6 ja check väärt $ 500,000.

Sel aastal programmi eesmärk oli näidata tunnustust meie klientidele kogu maailmas. 
kuni saama oma paketi, sa Käesolevaga nõutud kontaktandmed direktor Program, 
kelle andmed on esitatud allpool:

Nimi: Dr David Smith,
E-mail: OR

(1): Sinu täisnimi: ................
(2): Sinu Telefoninumber: .........
(3): Teie Kontakt Aadress: ..........

Kind Regards.
Proua Sandra Haseeb
Apple Inc


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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

(no subject)

from:Hillary Smith <>

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Galaxy Internet Win.! (Final Notice)..

from:SAMSUNG <>
date:Wed, Feb 18, 2015 at 1:00 AM
subject:Galaxy Internet Win.! (Final Notice)..      

Samsung Europe
Galaxy Office and Email Messaging Center
P.O Box 732
The Netherlands
Telefax: 0031(084)-734-0001

Galaxy Internet Win Notice !!! Final Notice

Coupon Number: ADA/2427/NMA

Are you the owner of this email address?


You have been selected for the New Year Galaxy Internet Win for the sum of Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Euros
with a Samsung Galaxy Note4 have been awarded to your email from Samsung database of telephone and internet
email users from which your email was attached to the winning coupon number: ADA/2427/NMA.

Claims Agent/Notarization Officer.
Smit Van Ego (Mr.)
Contact Email:

Contact the notarization officer with your winning coupon number and required informations for your
notarization for transfer below.

Provide required informations:

Full Names:
Country of Residence:
Tel number:
Mode of Payment: (Bank Transfer or Bank Cheque)
Win Coupon Number: ADA/2427/NMA

Note that any leakage of this winning notification resulting to a double claim will automatically forfeit your
winning prize thus we advise you to keep this message confidential and away from public notice to prevent
double claim or impersonation until after remittance/payment to you.

Your Faithfully,
Amanda De Bruijn.(P.R.O)
Samsung Europe

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