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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hello Colleague,The money is paid

Dear Colleague,

My name is Valeriy. If you can still remember anything about me I am that lady assets manager from Russia whom were in business contact with you many years ago in connection with some multi million dollars deal. If ytou can't remember who I am, I am optimistic that you can still remember a point in time when received a business letter from Moscow in Russia. I am glad to announcing to you that the money we worked so hard for has finally been paid out.

The deal was successfully concluded with the help of Mr. Anderson,the man from the United States whom I mentioned to you in some of my discussions with you. The Russian  bureaucracy wanted to kill the deal,they hijacked that deal to their selfish benefits but the timely intervention of Mr. Anderson who later brought in a United States based company saved the deal eventually. Right now the money is out after many years. I could not inform you at the time this money was paid because I lost your contact but now I have been able to recover it. I used some of the funds to acquire properties in the United States and Africa respectively. 

Recently,I have sold my properties in Africa and the proceeds of that sales are being deposited in a bank at Africa.I am giving you $2,862,000 only. You can donate $1,800,000 to charities while the $1,062,000 will be for you as a compensation value for your time,contributions and efforts which you have invested so far. 

To get this money ($2,862,000) you can contact the person below:

Contact person:  Adexil DEDE
Contact e-mail:
Country:  Togo  (Africa)

I am having a kidney problem,and right now I am about to undergo a dialysis away in Brasil. Therefore,I cannot reply to any of your messages,so I prefer you cantact the person (Adexil DEDE) for the money or for any question.

Thank you as I wish you good luck.     

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