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John Peters 

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Let me start by introducing myself properly, I'm a lawyer, John Peters, a personal lawyer of their dead relative, one of the largest contractors, until he died in a plane crash along with his wife and two daughters., I appeal to you because of the impact left a deposit amount ($ 20,200. 000 dollars in total), and 200 kilograms of gold deposited with one of the leading banks here in Lome-Togo, where I was the last customer out of their country, and some of the same surname with his semya.Bank issued me a notice to provide the next of kin, answer the following information for further clarification.

Your full name:
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Your age:
Your Occupation:

I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible if you are ready to start with me for more information.

John Peters

I've packed a financial transactio​n tax that will benefit both of us,)


Global Trust Security company.

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Global Trust Security company.
London, United Kingdom.
Tel: +447024035875
Top Urgent Message, please.

Dear Sir / Madam,

My name is Mr. John Barman OlenLÄHETAMISE Officer of Global Trust Security Company in London UK. I got your information during your search via the Internet.
It may interest you to hear that I am a man of peace and I did not want any trouble, but I do not know how you feel about this because you may have double mind. But I will tell you that this is the real deal and you will not regret after doing this transaction with me. I only hope that we can help each other. But if you do not want this business offer of kindly forget it and I will not touch you again.

I've packed a financial transaction tax that will benefit both of us, kuipiirkondlik DISPATCH Officer of Global Trust Security company, it is my duty to send a financial report to my head office in the capital city (USA) at the end of each year. Onmuidugi last year's report, I discovered that my branch in which I olenLÄHETAMISE OFFICIAL that the client provide a box worth the amount of money [£ 7, 500.000.00 GBP] without delay of any beneficiary to claim the box so the box since there is no one to claim it. that my head office is not aware of and will never be known.

NaguLÄHETAMISE official of the security company, I can not connect it directly to the box fund, so this informed my contacting you, we work with so that you can help me out and get this fund for us to share. Mean while it is 45% of all funds, even though I have 45% while 10% is used for expenses Note there are practically no risk, then it directly to your home address, all I need you to stand by the claim of the original depositor of this fund who brought a box of money Our head office is a branch that I can order delivery to your designated address.

If you accept this offer to work with me, I appreciate it very much. As soon as I receive your reply.

I'll give you the details on how we can do it successfully.
I look forward to your response.

Mr.John Barman
Global Trust Security.

Dearest in Christ Jesus


Anna Admas

From Anna Adams.

Dearest in Christ Jesus,

My name is Mrs.Anna Adams a nationality of Kuwait. I was married to late Mr. Adams who worked with Kuwait embassy here in GHANA for nine years before he died in the year October 2012. We were married for twenty years with a child. My husband died after an illness that lasted for four days may his Soul rest in perfect peace Amen.

Before his death we were both born again Christians. When my late husband was alive he deposited the sum of (eleven million us dollars) with one of good banks here in GHANA presently, this money is still with the bank. Recently my Doctor told me that I would not last for the next three months due to my cancer problem, though what disturbs me most is my stroke. Having known my condition I decided to donate this fund to church or better still a Christian individual that will utilize this money the way I am going to instruct here in. more especially earthquake victims in Haiti and also any organization of your choice, the poor and the motherless babies. I want a person or church that will use this fund to churches, orphanages, research centers and widows propagating the word of God and to ensure that the house of God is maintained.

The Bible made us to understand that blessed is the hand that giveth. I took this decision because I have a child that will inherit this money but my son can not carryout this work only because I and my late husband decide to use some of the money to work for God and live some for our son to have a better live. our son is just 17year old now, and my husband's relatives are not Christians and I don't want my family hard earned money to be misused by unbelievers, I don't want a situation where this money will be used in an ungodly manner. Hence the reason for taking this bold decision. I am not afraid of death hence I know that I am going to be in the bosom of the Lord. Exodus! 14 VS 14 says that the lord will fight my case and I shall hold my peace. I will like you to understand that my contact to you is a divine direction from God, I don't want any of my husband family relatives to receive this money but I know that With God all things are possible. As soon as I receive your reply I shall give you the contact of the Finance/bank. I will also issue a letter of authority to the bank here that will empower you as the new beneficiary of this fund. I want you and the church to always pray for me because the lord is my shepherd. My happiness is that I live a life of a worthy Christian. Whoever that wants to serve the Lord must serve him in spirit and truth, Please always be prayerful all through your life. Any delay in your reply will give me room in sourcing for a church or Christian individual for this same purpose. Please assure me that you will act accordingly as I stated here and Please I will like you to contact me Immediately you receive this mail with your full name and your address / your direct telephone number so that I will instruct the Bank to transfer this fund into your account for me and my Son to start coming over there to meet you for the work of God and my son's Education. Please we need this transaction very urgent in the name of our Lord because of my health condition.

Remain blessed in the name of the Lord.

Yours Sister in Christ

Mrs.Anna Adams And Son .

Use this my Private Email to write me if you will be honest to use this fund for the work of God. (



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From: Accountant


Business deals!

Hi I hope this email finds you well.

I know that this letter will come to you as a surprise since we do not know ourselves before,
but be sure it's a real, genuine, and the business opportunity that
come only once in a lifetime, My name is J. Eric Daniels,
External auditor at Lloyds Banking Group Plc in the United Kingdom. During our
The last audit, I discovered a dormant account balance of £ 5,000,000.00 (Five
million British Pounds only). the Account Holder
a foreigner who died along with his wife and children in a plane crash without
another heir, and no relatives. All efforts to keep track of your bank
relatives was fruitless.

My offer is that I want you to stand in as the beneficiary to the account
and receive the money for your investment in our own country, even
an empty account can serve to receive this money, if you become honest with me
the end of this important business, trusting in you and believing in God that you will not
fool me. I am only contacting you a foreigner because this money can not be
released to a local person here, but I can assure you, as
expert in this field, the fund could be released to any
a foreigner because the account holder is a foreigner too.

This transaction is 100% risk-free because the money is legitimate and does not originate from
drugs, money laundering, terrorism or any other illegal
deed. Upon successful transfer of the money in your bank account, you will be given
50% of the total amount, 50% will be for me. If you are interested,
let me know so I can advise you on how to proceed.
Contact me through my private e-mail address:

Best Regards,
J. Eric Daniels.