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Monday, March 17, 2014

$1.7millio​n Contract Cheque

My Dear Friend,

I am Miss Lilly, the lady who had contacted you sometime ago soliciting your partnership in a multi million dollars worth of a business deal.I beleive you have not forgotten about me,but even if you do because of one event or the other,I strongly believe that you can still remember a time when you received a letter from me;I am sure you can see all our communications in your email box,that is if you have not deleted it.

Lately, I am down with a chronic and complicated cancer of the breast.The sickness degenarated into a chronic situation due to my inability to detect it on time.My health condition has gone worse than I have ever imagined,that my doctor in Germany told me that I have just but few months to live. Though, I am not disturbed by this development,but what disturbs and gives me a sleepless night lies on how I am able to change as many a life as I can before I eventually face the inevitability.

I wish to use this letter to inform you that the deal went very successfully and I am glad at that. I have issued through my bank, a bank cheque of $1,700,000 (one million,seven hundred dollars) in your favour names.This cheque I want you to get it,cash in the money ($1,700,000) and use 80% of this money for the purpose of charitable gesture and keep 20% for yourself as a value of your work and sincerity.In other words,when you cashed this cheque,you should donate 80% to the orphanages and the less priviledged especially the children at any where of your choice world over.Right now, I am not in the position to do this on my own due to my health condition. I hope you do understands me.

Do not be surprise at this letter or ask why did I choose you instead. I know this would be going on in your mind when reading this letter but I must tell you this: Before I selected you for this task,I consulted my God, after which I did a random selection of emails on my personal email box and your name was selected and picked among other 3 persons who were picked also.This is therefore,to show you that my chosing you for this task is a God ordained act.Though,I have not been opportuned to meet you and I believe as I will never meet you again but just take it as if you have met and known me all your life.Also do not treat this action of mine as strange or look at it as if I am on a risky venture for putting you in charge of this task,please think none of this.

To get the cheque,please contact Mr. Peter Frans,a UNICEF worker;Give him your real names and quote this code (8005XV) to him for verification. His contact is as below:

Contact person: Peter Frans
Country: Republic of Togo (Africa)

I am entrusting this opportunity unto you because of the hope I have that I will achieve this final phase of donations through your capacity as a person with the mind of God's spirit working in you. Please contact the above person,give him your real names and this code number : 8005XV , so that he can verify that I am already in contact with you,consider this very important.

Finally,I wish to ask you to carry out this task as if it all depends on you,and as if it is your personal life goal which you set to achieve.Mr. Peter Frans of the UNICEF will assist you to get this cheque,he is a good person. I will be out of reach by tomorrow on my way to Germany for a medical surgery.Please do this single act for God and ensure that nothing stops you from getting this money as the cheque is already out and issued in your names.

Lilly Combus.    

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