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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mr. John Olisa.

From  Mr. John Olisa.
reply to

Attn: Dear Sir/Madam.
Compliment of the day to you. I wish to extend this mutual business proposal to you with the hope that you will gladly accept. I am the principal auditor of the

Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. A post i have held for the past three years.
In the course of discharging my duty last year, i discovered that some government officials in the past, committed some irregularities in the form of over-invoiced

contract values which eventually got into their private bank accounts.

What interests me most, and for which reason i am writing you is this particular contract which was awarded to a foreign contractor, it was overestimated by the tune

of us$ 17.8m (seventeen million, eight hundred thousand u.s.dollars).

This contract has been completed and commissioned and the contractor fully paid, but the us $ 17.8 m  over estimated value of the contract is still lying at the Bank.

Because of the haste with which the last Government was removed from office, these men has no chance to collect this money before leaving the office.

But as a result of updated payments advise at the Bank, it has been awaiting transfer to a foreign account.
In my report, I recommended that this money should be paid but on the condition that the contractor should be informed.   My recommendation was accepted and I have

been given the go-ahead order to get in-touch with the foreign contractors, but since the contractor has been fully paid for the job  done, I want to divert this money

to another foreign account. Having done all the necessary ground work. this money is in my possession and I am looking forward for a trust worthy person into whose

private or company's account this money will be transferred .I wish to retire from service after this transaction and go into business in your country through you as

my agent.

You are therefore requested to kindly allow me to transfer this money into your account provided that I can withdraw this money when I want to. Upon the transfer of

this money,65% of the total sum will be for me and my colleagues while 30% shall be for you the account owner and the remaining 5% shall be set aside to refund

expenses made in the course of this transaction . Be assured that this transaction is 100% risk free.

I await your quickest response as time is of essence in this transaction, I also want you to bear in mind that this transaction will take us 4 to 5 working days to

conclude as I have make all arrangement with a  lawyer for a very long time now for the processing of the documents for the transfer of the fund to the Bank account

you will provide. as soon as you reply me.
I will be waiting for your urgent reply.
Wish you Happy christmas and New Year.
Yours faithfully,

Mr. John Olisa.
Please rely to my  Alternate Email

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