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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cheque for $1,200,000.00 , See Details

Beatrice Simms

 Dear Partner,

I am Beatrice,the same woman who have written to you many times regarding some multi million dollars inheritance fund from my father.I have written to you many times but it seemed you did not believe in my proposal. Lately,I am down with terminal illness (cancer of the breast) and I am on my way to a medical attention abroad.

The funds has finally been paid to me by the assistance of some American organisations.And I am giving out 60% of my personal share to charities as part of the pledge I made to God. I have donated to 5 diferrent charity and destitute homes one of which is The Sight Savers Organization ( East and West Africa,you can confirm from them.

I would like to inform you that I have issued a bank draft (cheque) of $1,200,000.00 in your names.I would have informed you before issuing the cheque but it could have delayed my departure for the medical treatment,this is the reason I did not tell you before now.This should not sound strange to you because it is just a normal harmless offer which is going to be largely beneficial to you.You shall donate 80% of this money ($1.2million) to charities and destitute while you keep the 20% for yourself as a kind stipend for your efforts and time.The rational behind my generosity has been a pledge which I made to God sometime ago while I was looking for assistance.I pledged to donate 60% of my personal share of that money to charities and the needy.And immediately the funds were paid to me I became indebted to God, conscience and to humanity.I hope you would see the reason with me and the need to carry out this wish for me without asking much question. Please see this letter the way you receive it and reason along with me.

To get the cheque,please contact the UNICEF officer;Send your full names and address to him to enable him confirm that it is you . His contact information is as below:

Contact person: Peter Arthur Frans
Country: Republic of Togo (Africa)

The UNICEF officer, Peter Arthur Frans will give the cheque to you .Please contact him now and make sure you give him your names and address to confirm that you are the right person for the cheque,this is very important .

N/B: I will be away very soon for medical attention abroad,I may not be disposed to respond to your email response message. Communicate to the person I have reffered you to. God will crown you for this effort.


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