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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Donate your property a serious person

I'm sorry to you both, I saw your profile and i will say that you're the one I need. In short, my name VINCENT Fragnet, origin and saw ESTONIA ESTONIA. I kannatantõsine disease, which recognizes me from certain death has throat cancer, and I have a total of 500,000 euros, which I would like to make a donation to a reliable and honest that it makes good use of. I iseimpordi red oil business in France, and I lost my wife into it for six years, which influenced me a lot and I could not get married until now, we have no children. I would like to donate this amount before the death of my days will be considered guilty of this disease is what I had in France was not only a means of reassuring to know where they get this donation. Here is my email address:
I took you to reply to me

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