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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hello Friend,

from Chris Salmon
reply to

Hello Friend, 

Although you may be tense in my e-mail if we have not met before. My name is Mr. Chris Salmon, the Bank of England, I work. It is the sum of GBP £ 10,600,000.00 (ten million six hundred thousand Great British Pounds) in my bank reiterated its concern was not the beneficiary of these funds, which means that the individual does not ever come frontward to file claims. 

My purpose of contacting you is to work with us to move the money out of my bank account empty your bank account, or any other of your choice. As soon as the money is transferred to the bank account of your choice, we will jagada60% ratio for me, 40% for you. If you are interested in and equipped to do business with me, then back using the below e-mail to get more information. 

Note: I do not have good oral and written Estonian language very well. When you speak, write and understand English, please let me know how it has improved our communications. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Best Regards, 
Mr. Chris Salmon 
Managing director 
Banking and Chief Cashier 
The Bank of England. 
Tel: + (44) 701 004 6359 
E-mail: m.chris087 @ 

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